How do I meet Nan?

This is nearly impossible. She is known for avoiding photographs and prefers spending most of her time in the kitchen making more Nan’s. Your best bet is to look for her at baseball games, farmers’ markets, or your local greenhouse.

Can I license the Recipe to Make My Own Nan’s Sauce?

While we occasionally get this request from chefs and restauranteurs, Nan’s does not currently offer this option.

Can I resell Nan’s Sauce?

Yes! Retailers ranging from specialty stores in California to hardware stores in Virginia keep Nan’s on their shelves to enjoy the loyalty it almost immediately creates. Buy Nan’s by the case for retail, or call us for other options.

Does Nan’s Go Bad?

We have never heard of someone owning Nan’s Sauce long enough for it to expire. But it is certainly best fresh. Try to use your Nan’s Sauce within one year of purchase.